PS4 Games for Kids and Parents

PS4 Games for Kids and Parents

Marvel’s Spider-Man

This superhero is busy fighting crime in New York City, while also struggling to balance his crazy personal life.

Pros: So your kid (or, ahem, you) loves Peter Parker? Then sling your way into this PS4 game, which has stunning graphics that let you traverse with parkour, and engage in new combat and action moves. It’s got some violence in it, so it’s better for older kids.

Cons: It might be a tough sell for non-Marvel fans (if there is such a thing).

Kingdom Hearts The Story So Far

In this latest version, Sora, an unknowing heir to a spectacular power, who is joined by Donald Duck and Goofy to stop an evil force known as the Heartless.

Pros: This combines all the games into one combo pack, so you can own every game in the series. Your kids already know and love the characters in this PlayStation 4 game, from the Disney princesses to Woody and Olaf.

Cons: It’s a nice package, but not much new about it.

MLB: The Show 19

This PlayStation-exclusive title is the definitive baseball game, and for good reason: its graphics, gameplay, and level of detail are unrivaled.

Pros: Baseball is all about minor tweaks to myriad variables, things like shifting an infielder over a step or two or getting an extra inch of break on a curveball. The Show captures this aspect beautifully, and this year’s edition bringing even more control to the defensive aspects of the national pastime.

Cons: If your kids don’t like baseball, the odds of them liking this game are slim to none.


You know it. You love it. Or, you love to hate it. Either way, you can’t beat the undeniable draw and cultural cachet of ‘Minecraft.’ This legendary game offers modes that can get both kids and parents really into it: Creative Mode lets up to four players create (or dismantle) their own pixilated world, and Survival Mode gets the family together to fight the Creepers.

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Pros: The key to co-op Minecraft is creativity — so while you may think some PS4 games melt your kids’ brains, Minecraft actually makes them think in the abstract and long-term. It gives you an opportunity to create something cool with your kids.

Cons: Minecraft has been long known for its robust online community. While that’s an awesome opportunity to play different kinds of people from many places into the world, a kid going into it solo can lead to negative interactions with strangers. Be sure to play with you in the room.

Crash Team Racing – Nitro Fueled – PlayStation 4

A fun racing game with classic characters from a decades-old franchise? It’s not the one that immediately comes to mind, but ‘Crash Team Racing – Nitro Fueled’ has enough wrinkles to make it more than engaging.

Pros: The PS4 version comes with retro content inspired by previous games in the Crash Bandicoot series. The game itself has power sliding, power-ups, and weapons that add another level of strategy and competitiveness to what might otherwise be a fairly normal racing game.

Cons: Some users have complained that this game is “unforgiving” even on normal mode, so if your kids aren’t experienced video game racers they might find this one a bit frustrating.

Bubsy: Paws on Fire!

This side scroller is a great value, as it comes with four different characters with mechanics to master over more than 100 different levels.

Pros: The premise of this game is silly and appropriate for kids of all ages. It also doesn’t have any in-game purchases, so once you buy it you’ve got everything (and your kids won’t be bugging you for the credit card number).

Cons: Some users complained that the levels don’t seem well thought out, a factor that probably won’t matter to younger kids but could be annoying to more sophisticated gamers.

Knowledge is Power

What’s more fun than watching a game show? Being in one, clearly. Knowledge is Power gives you, well, that power. This one has a twist, though. You can use your smartphone or tablet to answer questions, power play over your opponents — such as tapping through ice before they can answer a question — and much more. Fun for the whole family.


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